Will Deadpool’s Success Change Super Hero Movies?

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Will Deadpool’s Success Change Super Hero Movies?

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:03 pm

No one expected the movie Deadpool to blow up the way it has. It started out as a project that gestated for years before getting a greenlight, and it has become the most profitable X-men movie to date. That means it is going to get a sequel soon, but how does it affect the rest of the super hero movie landscape?

There is already talk of introducing other R-rated super heroes to the big screen. Wolverine 3 is getting an R-rating partially thanks to what Deadpool accomplished. But now there are rumors of Lobo, Spawn, Punisher, Judge Dredd and more dark and gritty super heroes either finally getting their shot at a movie or having another chance for redemption through an R-rated release.
The mature tone has worked well for Marvel’s Netflix series, but it hasn’t done so well on the silver screen. Watchmen, three Punisher movies and others have tried and failed in the past to make a huge impact with geek culture while saddled with the R-rating. The Blade trilogy’s moderate success years ago seems like a footnote in film history now, but Deadpool’s success with the same rating may mean that the curse of R-rated super hero movies isn’t a curse it all. It could mean that all it takes is the right property in the right hands to make a success story out of a mature comic book character. In a few years and after a few more R-rated super hero films, we’ll see if this lightning can be harnessed more than once.

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